Rainsy calls for RCAF pullout

Opposition party president Sam Rainsy issued a call on Tuesday evening for the government to halt its post-election mobilisation of armed forces to avoid inciting “fear” in the population.

Rainsy, who has been in the United States for his daughter’s wedding and is due back today, posted the short message on his official Facebook page along with an iconic 1967 picture of a Vietnam War protester holding a flower towards the guns of US national guard soldiers.

“We call on the government to stop the military build-up and to stop moving the armed forces around so as to stop creating fear among the population,” Rainsy wrote.

“We appeal to policemen and soldiers to refrain from using violence against any citizens because we all are Khmers, peaceful Buddhists, and love our country.”

Ruling party lawmaker and spokesman Cheam Yeap responded in a tit-for-tat yesterday, saying troops would be withdrawn if Rainsy would only stop calling for mass demonstrations.

“We will withdraw the army when Sam Rainsy stops calling on people to protest en masse and when the situation is normal. We are just protecting security in the country,” he said.

The decision to pull troops out of Phnom Penh would be up to the prime minister or the interior minister, Yeap added.3--armoured-personnel-carrier

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8 Responses to "Rainsy calls for RCAF pullout"

  1. Khun Pi Mouch says:

    Whata Heck that guy sitting on the tank doing…

  2. mission impossible says:

    i’m proud of our man with uniforms, aswesome looking
    khmer & world leaders, needs to pressures VNRP to stop intimidating governements, in which for mass rallies

    same, needs to hold mr. SR + KS for responsible for country destruction, peace & stability
    of course, bring them to UN war crimes to face justice

  3. Khun Pi Mouch says:

    Yeah.. that guy

  4. siwatha says:

    You see that policeman sit on the armor vehicle with his bellyfat looks like water-melon because they got so much of money for drinking, eating, partying with 16-17 girls karaokee singing…thats why his stomach getting big!?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Crazy leader, Hun Sen. This is the real democracy in Cambodia?

  6. ស្រុក​ខ្ញុំ​បាទ says:

    “We are just protecting security in the country” or just protecting their own butts!!!
    Dummy, Cheam Yeap!!!

  7. បរកែវ- រតនៈគិរី says:

    very bad country leader! use weapon to threaten own nation! but very cowardice with enemy from outside. People need peace not war! People need justice not corruption! People need a leader with morality, politeness, helpfulness, but not discrimination, part-ism, nepotism, fascism!