When Your Land Is Stolen From Beneath Your Feet

A Disappearing World: Singapore Is Harvesting Land from Cambodia When Your Land Is Stolen From Beneath Your Feet The Atlantic Selects Mar 11, 2019 | 726 videos Video by Kalyanee Mam From 1975 to 1979, millions of Cambodian families [...]

Asean MPs Discuss Cambodia Human Rights Record at Singapore Summit

em {font-style: italic ;} strong {font-weight: bold; } CAMBODIA A journalist walks past ASEAN member country flags at the Suntec Convention Centre during the 33rd ASEAN summit in Singapore, Monday, Nov. 12, 2018. (AP Photo/Yong Teck [...]

The former Khmer Rouge commander who still leads Cambodia is again stoking anti-American sentiment

em {font-style: italic ;} strong {font-weight: bold; } Cambodia’s Prime Minister Hun Sen and his wife Bun Rany dance on stage during an opening ceremony for the Khmer New Year at the Angkor complex in Siem Reap province. (TANG CHHIN [...]

David Chandler Talks Cambodian Optimism—and Its Opposite

em {font-style: italic ;} strong {font-weight: bold; } POLITICS David P. Chandler has spent more than half a century studying Cambodia, and became one of the foremost historians on the country and its people. Now 83 years old, Chandler [...]

Marriage under the Khmer Rouge: a documentary series

The Phnom Penh Post Sat, 27 February 2016 Marriage under the Khmer Rouge Some half a million people are thought to have been forced into marriages by the Khmer Rouge, but because of the nature of the crime many victims have found the subject [...]


em {font-style: italic ;} strong {font-weight: bold; } Maps prepared by rights group Licadho using US satellite data published by the University of Maryland show deforestation in and around the four concessions controlled by the Vietnamese [...]

Corruption, aid and the new political outlook

2014-07-29 19:19 by David Boyle, Koam Chanrasmey and Griff Tapper The Phnom Penh Post Sophal Ear, one of the foremost Cambodian political economists, sat down with State of Play to discuss his theories on how foreign [...]

Hun Sen’s Sister Tied to Company in Boeng Kak Land Sale

By Mech Dara | June 25, 2014 The Cambodia Daily A development firm owned by CPP Senator Lao Meng Khin and accused of illegally evicting thousands of families from central Phnom Penh recently sold a small piece of its project area for $14.9 [...]

Bad news for Buddhist institute

​ Sat, 21 June 2014 Ezra Kyrill Erker The Phnom Penh Post Surrounded by casino developments, the iconic Buddhist Institute in Phnom Penh faces the prospect of relocation or even closure as the modern world starts to close in One [...]

CNRP’s Sunday ‘tsunami’

Sun, 22 December 2013 Meas Sokchea and Daniel Pye The Phnom Penh Post A crowd of more than 100,000 demonstrators took to Phnom Penh’s streets yesterday, calling for new elections or the resignation of Prime Minister Hun Sen in the biggest [...]

Cambodian Political History: Former PM Pen Sovann’s Left Perspective – Hostile to the Khmer Rouge and the Present Rulers

By Luke Young Global Research, November 22, 2013 Monthly Review 1 November 2013 The recent history of Cambodia is little known, greatly disputed, and grim. The first liberation movement against French colonialism and its local puppets was [...]

Traditionally Pro-CPP Media See New Market With CNRP

By Aun Pheap and Colin Meyn October 28, 2013 The Cambodia Daily In the prelude to and direct aftermath of July’s national election, local Khmer-language media largely ignored the opposition’s growing street rallies and demonstrations. But [...]

Cambodian Authorities Violently Disperse Protests Over Shooting Death

(Radio Free Asia) – Authorities in Cambodia’s capital on Friday violently cracked down on a group of protesters demanding justice for a man shot dead after police opened fire at the sidelines of an opposition rally last month, witnesses [...]

CNRP Denied Permission to March to UN, Embassies

(the Cambodia Daily) – The Phnom Penh Municipality on Friday said it would only allow 10,000 protesters to attend the opposition party’s planned mass-demonstration next week and that the demonstrators would not be allowed to leave Freedom [...]

US State Department Daily Press Briefing – October 16, 2013

QUESTION: Do you have anything on Cambodia, on the – Deputy Secretary Burns — MS. PSAKI: Sure. I do. QUESTION: Okay. MS. PSAKI: I don’t – I think this is happening later this afternoon, but today Deputy Secretary Burns will meet [...]

International Support Growing for Cambodian Polls Probe: Sam Rainsy

Cambodia’s opposition leader Sam Rainsy, touring Europe and the U.S., said Thursday that international support is growing behind his party’s call for an independent probe into claims of fraud and other irregularities in the country’s recent [...]

CNRP plans three-day rally

Vong Sokheng – the Phnom Penh Post Opposition lawmakers this week called for a rally planned for the capital’s Freedom Park next week to be extended over three days as Cambodia National Rescue Party chief Sam Rainsy prepared to return [...]

Armed Man at Rally Confirmed as Hun Sen Bodyguard

By Mech Dara and Alex Willemyns October 16, 2013 The Cambodia Daily A man seized by participants at a teacher’s rally on Sunday after he was seen carrying a pistol was on Tuesday confirmed to be a member of Prime Minister Hun Sen’s Personal [...]

A Reporter Briefly Detained by Police Chief After Taking Photographs of Police Officers at Work

CCHR: A reporter was briefly detained on the morning of 15 August 2013, after he was discovered taking a series of photographs of police officials on duty in front of Khan Mean Chey police station. An individual, who identified himself as the [...]

Sheila Copps intertwined with the political crisis in Cambodia

17 August 2013 http://www.radio-canada.ca The former Federal Minister Sheila Copps is found mixed with the political crisis in Cambodia, following last month’s elections whose results are highly contested. The former Liberal MP was election [...]